Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Green Heron from September 2014. Fishing

Nice fish for the Green Heron.  On my way back from my moms one day and I stopped at McKenzie Marsh in Aurora.  Chris and I had been before  and seen otters and wood duck.  Thrilled to see this green heron right by the rail.  Put on one heck of a show for over an hour.

enjoying his dinner

long neck

Love the hairdo

check out the wings


Least Bittern from back in August 2014.

This is old news for everyone in Toronto but it was a fantastic sighting for Charm and I.  Down at Col Samuel Smith Park a lifer sighting for me was the Least Bittern.  He was so close and really didn't care about anyone. This heron is the smallest heron.

Bug in mouth

Horrible flight shot but great to see the pattern on his back.

Look at those claws.

different face angle

big step up.

Stretch the neck

leg angle

a ruffle


Monday, October 20, 2014

Eastern Screech Owl - Red Morph Oct 2014

Eastern Screech Owl calling.  I was lucky enough to be at the park on my owl when I heard a screech owl behind me.  I looked and could not find it.  I looked around to hear a second one calling.  Here is the owl.

They have this ticked off look.  And yes he was looking right at me.  I have cropped all these photos 50% and use a 400mm lens. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Merlin, Loon and a few pano shots of Amherst Island

A beautiful merlin. Charm and I spend Friday night in the area.  Saw many wonderful birds, hawks, falcon but the sheep and landscapes were the best. Tall grasses, cold winds, blue skies, and water on the cliffs.

was not bothered by Charm or I watching him.  Almost made us late for the ferry

We saw loons on every crossing we took.  A group of 5 and a couple popped up right beside the ferry.

Landscapes were stunning.  Make sure you double click them to see them.

Charm and Keith walking the fields

I made Charm run so I could play with my camera feature pano movement feather.  Thanks Charm.

Keith running for the camera as well.

Sheep on Amherst Island in Kingston Oct 2014

Hundreds of sheep were in the fields on island.  Amazing to watch them

ON GUARD - three of these dogs were guarding the sheep i the field.  I love this shot as it show the dog watching for danger.

Second dog

A third one making sure we knew he was there.  He followed the car down the road and around the corner the whole time making sure the sheep were running up towards the centre.  WOW.

Worth the trip to see the sheep.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Toronto Wildlife Centre a few bird releases.

Black and White Warbler

I was asked by Toronto Wildlife to release a few birds the other day.  Two cedar waxwings (juveniles), Swainson Thrush, Black and White Warbler, Tennessee Warbler, and a Magnolia Warbler.
 I had a good viewing of the Cedar Waxwing and just prior to release an adult flew over my head.  The 3 warblers I can honestly say I did not see them at all and the thrush needed a bit of help to leave.  Luckily the black and white warbler came back to say goodbye.  The Tennessee did as well but it was a flash.   Good work by TWC on the rehab of these beautiful birds.

two cedar waxings

Swainson Thrush