Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Snowy Egret. Oh I love this heron in Florida

He knows he is beautiful 


Can you do this.
They drag their legs in the water and push the fish forward and then down goes head to eat it.  



Love this love this

Tri Coloured Heron in Florida 2015

Another magnificant heron in Florida.

love the markings and so well hidden

Just a lovely bird.  Sanibel Island Florida

Soft Shelled Turtle. Florida Jan 2015

A very unusual turtle that I finally got a really good look at.

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Check out the nose

And the webbed foot

And lastly a bit of turtle mating.  

Vierra Wetland in Florida 2015

Wood Stork in the everglades Florida Jan 2015

What a beautiful prehistoric bird. 

Preparing to fly

In flight.
thank you Donna and Janet for a great trip.

Yellow Crowned Night Heron Florida 2015

Lifer for me a Yellow Crowned Night Heron.  I know this was back in January but better late than never.

Amazing to watch this adult hunt.  The best part was that this was a lifer for me but also sitting beside me in Ding Darling Wildlife Park was a friend from Toronto Frank Williams.  What a surprise we both had when the heron left. 

Hunting lizards and crabs

Bonus was seeing a juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron also hunting for crabs.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Long-tailed Duck. March 2015

My very favourite shot of the Long-tailed duck diving

underwater shot

in fliht

It takes a long-tailed duck 5 years to get his tail.  Only the males have tails.  Red eyes

In flight