Monday, May 2, 2016

Great Horned Owl Release with Toronto Wildlife Centre

The great horned owl was found in a soccer net.  It had a wing injury.   After a couple of weeks the owl was released at the same location by Toronto Wildlife Centre.

Thanks for the help

The owl landed in a couple of different trees but no matter where she went she was being chased by crows.

third flight

The crows never give in

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Last sight of owl. 

Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl - a blue jay landed on the branch and the owls eyes dilated.  He was not amused.


Look at those eyes.

eyes open



Monday, April 25, 2016

Red Fox Kits pouncing and playing

ready to jump

in air


another pounce

a different pounce

over the tree to get you

fighting on back legs

non stop action

Red Fox kits playing fighting and having fun

Those baby teeth look very sharp.  Non stop play fighting

The alpha is showing the other kits who is boss

changing direction

love the face

2 of 6 kits.

Red Fox with kits.

 A great day of watching a vixen with 6 kits take care clean them and keep them safe.
Vixen and kit.  She is such a good mother always cleaning her 6 kits. 

One kit is biting her ear

Cleaning up the one kit

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Long eared Owl release for Shades of Hope.

(words taken from SOH page)

Looking much like a miniature Great Horned Owl, this smaller raptor is in fact a beautiful Long-eared Owl. They live in densely wooded ...areas throughout Canada and usually migrate into the southern States in the winter. This little fellow was found on the Allen Expressway in Toronto last week. After suffering from a collision with a car he is now at SOH where he was thoroughly inspected by Dr. Sherri.
Our little friend is already recovering nicely from his trauma and we expect he will return home soon.

Thanks Shades of Hope for making this possible.
Our Long-eared Owl was given the OK to return to his home in north Toronto. Released at dusk last night, the little fellow was obviously happy... to be back where he belonged! With Spring here and available food more plentiful, we hope he does not choose roadsides again for a hunting ground.
 On March 13 he was released.  Here are some of the shots from his release.
Sara and I went up to Shades of Hope to pick up the Long eared owl.  He was really beautiful. Took him back where he was found.  The release went really well.  He landed in the first tree then went higher and higher up the tree.  Finally he flew just at dusk to the next tree over. 

Look at this beauty.